The San Diego Padres, led by Juan Soto, are on fire. Finally, Soto looks somewhat like the player traded by Deadline last year. He struggled a lot last season and this season, but his swing seems to be back. It couldn’t come at a better time for the Padres, who have slalomed to a 17-15 record so far.

They are two games behind the Dodgers in the NL West coming into the series. They can feature squad leaders or be buried further afield, so this is a pretty big series – even in early May.

Despite the deficit, Soto’s stellar performance kept Padres fans satisfied. They believe in their team and believe they will come out on top. Modern history, according to them, is on their side.

@MLBNetwork @parents The Dodgers have been so embarrassed by the Padres that when games really do matter, they are definitely not a contest.

@MLBNetwork @parents Listen, I don’t know where you’re getting that “rivalry” nonsense. These two teams have never been rivals, and probably never will be. Do not believe me? Ask any Dodgers fan who has watched baseball for 10 years.

@MLBNetwork @parents 9 walks in his last 6 games is insane, and the extra 9 walks on top make it even insane

The Padres shockingly dumped last year’s 111-win Dodgers in the NLDS Championship. They made quick work of their division rivals, winning four games. That alone makes Padres fans feel confident and the outcome of this particular series probably doesn’t matter.

Regardless, the Padres are back in full force with Fernando Tatis Jr. in the lineup and Juan Soto playing as well as he can. Maybe just a sweep by the Dodgers can send the Padres fan base to the ground.

Why do the San Diego Padres fall just above .500?

The San Diego Padres haven’t had a great start to the season. Ranked by many as the favorite to win the National League after a stellar off-season, the team came away with a 17-15 record.

Can the San Diego Padres turn things around?
Can the San Diego Padres turn things around?

While that’s certainly not bad, it’s not what anyone expected of them, least of all of their fans. The biggest reason is inconsistency. The lineup, especially stars like Juan Soto and Manny Machado, hasn’t been remotely consistent.

It also doesn’t help that Fernando Tatis Jr. missed a large portion of the regular season with a PED suspension. Now that they’re back at full strength, they should start to resemble the team they were projected to be this year.

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