London: A man has been arrested British police On Tuesday after approaching the gates Buckingham Palace He threw suspected items Shotgun cartridgesin the palace grounds, London Metropolitan Police He said.
“The man was arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon,” police said in a statement, adding that a controlled explosion also occurred.
The arrest comes as the police and security services prepare Coronation of King Charles On Saturday, which is expected to witness large crowds lining the streets of London and heads of state from all over the world attending the official coronation ceremonies.
Buckingham Palace said neither the king nor his wife Camilla were in the palace at the time of the incident.
The statement said the officers detained the man and took him into custody. She also said that collars were put in place after the man was found to be carrying a suspicious bag.
“There have been no reports of any shots being fired or injuries among officers or members of the public,” Chief Superintendent Joseph McDonald said.


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