NFT projects It is one of the best ways to earn passive income. Most investors can return their investment amount on NFTproX within 3 days.

It’s no secret that crowdfunding projects have great potential to help entrepreneurs and innovators raise the funds needed to advance their ideas. Anyone can participate and invest in creative initiatives thanks to the democratization of the investment process.

However, the current model has several severe limitations that are part of more general problems with the current Web2 model. Although Web2 crowdfunding platforms have successfully raised millions of individuals to fund worthwhile initiatives, they are built on centralized structures with many limitations.

The key to moving to Web3 will be embracing decentralization while preserving the broad benefits of Web2. Nowhere is this more beneficial than in crowdfunding projects. While blockchain-based solutions have shown the potential to transform crowdfunding projects, they must address the issue of donors not being given significant advantages.

This is the place NFTproX Enter.


What is NFTproX?

NFTproX It is a revolutionary new NFT crowdfunding platform that allows more creators to bring valuable ideas to life and empowers investors.

NFTproX was founded in 2022 as one of the first companies to provide NFT crowdfunding services and is trusted by more than 120,000 users worldwide. User can participate in NFT crowdfunding by registering and joining NFTproX.

Users can quickly register and verify using the straightforward web interface provided by NFTproX, and as a bonus for new users, the user receives a $10 registration bonus. Also, NFTproX has an affiliate network where they can introduce partners and get up to 5% commission.

Profitable investment options NFT Collections

NFTproX’s business model is simple: users deposit like any bank and automatically receive $100 in profits on the account every day.

NFTproX offers a variety of price group options, such as $10, $100, $1,500 and $6,800 options, among others. Each gives a unique return on investment and has a certain holding period.

What to expect from group options:

price conditions payments Daily evaluation
$10 Day 1 10 USD + 0.3 USD 3%
$100 dollars 3 days $100 + $2.4 0.8%
$450 10 days 450 USD + 45 USD 1%
$1,500 20 day $1,500 + $375 1.25%
$3,400 35 days 3400 USD + 1785 USD 1.5%
$6,800 64 days 6800 USD + 7833.6 USD 1.8%

Given the daily income of the platform, the user may be sure that they will get paid every day. At the end of the contract period, the user can immediately withdraw your balance or continue to invest. for each investment, NFTproX Offers complete protection for the principal and profit.

Help Center

  1. How to invest for free?

NFTproX provides starter experience packs which users can purchase daily to earn profits. They can withdraw the entire balance once they reach $100.

  1. How do you use the referral program?

Users can join the NFTproX affiliate program to earn referral bonuses for life. Why is it a good idea to join an affiliate program on NFTproX? After signing up for a signed account, review all the privileges on the user’s account. Every user who refers new clients receives a lifetime incentive of 5% of NFTproX payments. Everything is transparent and secure.

  1. Is NFTproX safe and trustworthy?

NFTproX is a secure and trustworthy platform for crowdfunding and investing in NFT. NFTproX takes several measures to ensure the safety and security of its users, including email authentication, SSL encryption, auditing, and compliance with regulations.

  1. How do you contact NFTproX?

On the platform, customer service is available around the clock. Expert professionals can always help the user and solve any technical or financial issues. They can reach the company via email at info@nftprox.com.


NFTproX is a licensed company operating under UK law. They provide real business risk management tools to protect clients’ investments. If users are looking for a legitimate source of fixed and passive income, then they should take advantage of NFTproX services.


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