Israel is increasingly dependent on facial recognition In the occupied West Bank for tracking Palestinians And restricting their passage through key checkpoints, according to a new report, is a sign of how this is being done AI-powered monitoring Can be used against an ethnic group. At Hebron checkpoints, Palestinians stand in front of it facial recognition cameras before they are allowed to cross. As they scan their faces, the software — known as Red Wolf — uses a color-coded system of green, yellow and red to instruct soldiers on whether to let the person go or stop them from being interrogated or arrested, according to the report from Amnesty International. When the technology fails to identify a person, the soldiers train the system by adding their personal information to a database.
Israel has restricted Palestinians’ freedom of movement, but technological advances give the authorities powerful new tools. It is the latest example of the global spread of mass surveillance systems, which rely on artificial intelligence to learn to recognize people’s faces based on large stores of images.
In Hebron and East Jerusalem, technology is focusing almost entirely on Palestinians, according to the Amnesty International report, marking a new way to automate control of the internal borders that separate the lives of Palestinians and Israelis. Amnesty described the process as “automatic apartheid”. Israel has vehemently denied that it runs an apartheid regime. The IDF said in a statement that it was carrying out “necessary security and intelligence operations, while making great efforts to minimize harm to the routine activity of the Palestinian population.”
In China, companies built algorithms that sought to identify minorities as they passed the country’s omnipresent cameras. Israel’s use of facial recognition at checkpoints builds on other surveillance systems that have been deployed in recent years.


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