An ‘eyewitness’ to the Virat Kohli Gautam Gambhir brawl, which occurred after the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 match between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) on Monday, May 1, opened up on the details of the incident.

The LSG-RCB conflict in Lucknow has been marred by many controversies. Naveen-ul-Haq first, Kohli and Lucknow pacer went past each other, not once but twice. The boil continued to boil even after the match, as Kohli and LSG mentor Gambhir got into a heated argument, forcing some players and the supporting staff to intervene.

In another twist in the controversy, PTI quoted an eyewitness who was in one of the team’s hideouts and gave a detailed account of the incident. The eyewitness revealed that the post-match confrontation started with a conversation between Kohli and Kyle Myers. The eyewitness explained:

“I saw on TV that Myers and Virat were walking side by side for a few meters after the match. Myers asked Kohli why he was constantly abusing them and Virat in turn wondered why (Myers) was ‘staring’ at him before? That (Amit) Mishra had complained to the referee about That Virat constantly abuses Naveen (Haq), who is ranked tenth.

Gautam, sensing things could get ugly, pulled Myers up and asked him not to have a conversation, when Virat made a comment. ‘Kya bol raha hain bol’ (What were you saying?) Gautam asked and Virat replied, ‘Maine aapko kuch bola hi naahin, aap kyon ghus rahein ho’ (Why do you come between when I didn’t tell you anything).

Gautam replied, “Tony Agar just player ko bola hai, matlab melody meri family ko galli dhiya hai. (Then you take care of your family).”

Gambhir’s final response before parting was, “Toh ab tu mujhe sikhayega…” (So now I have to learn from you…).”

An eyewitness described the exchange between the two cricket superstars as somewhat eventful.

Kyle Myers was talking to Virat Kohli – Gautam Gambhir came and took Myers away.

Gambhir and Kohli have battled their differences in the past, too. Also during IPL 2013, they were involved in a heated argument after the latter was sent off during a match between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and RCB.

“Something Unacceptable” – Anil Kumble in the Kohli-Gambir fight

Sharing his views on the controversy, former India captain Anil Kumble called the behavior of both Kohli and Gambhir “unacceptable”. He told JioCinema:

“There’s a lot of emotion but you don’t want those emotions to show here. That’s important, you need to have a conversation. But that’s not okay. Whatever it is, you have to respect the opponent and the game.

“Once the game is over you have to shake hands and tip your hat, not to the player but to the game because that is something you need to respect… I don’t know what was said, some things may be personal that you don’t want that on the cricket field. But with Gautam, Virat and the players involved, it wasn’t This is the most beautiful thing to see.”

I feel ashamed of what I did with Sreesanth in 2008. Virat Kohli is a legend, such things should not be involved. Whatever happened between Virat and Gambhir was not suitable for cricket – youtu.be/Kc5tLVfNosc https://t.co/V1lW92pz8S

Speaking of the game, RCB beat LSG by 18 runs in a low-scoring encounter on a slow hitting surface.

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