Russia accused the United States on Thursday of being behind what it called B Drone attack The Kremlin intends to kill President Vladimir Putin.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov made the allegations in a briefing to reporters, saying Washington You must realize that Russia knew that it was choosing targets and that Ukraine was only implementing the American plans. He provided no evidence to support allegations of US involvement.
Ukraine denied involvement in the incident in the early hours of Wednesday morning, when video showed two flying objects approaching the Kremlin and another exploding with a bright flash.
Peskov said: “Attempts to disavow this, in Kiev and Washington, are, of course, very absurd. We know very well that decisions on such actions, on such terrorist attacks, are taken not in Kiev, but in Washington.”
He claimed that the United States often chooses both the targets that Ukraine will attack, and the means to attack them.
“This is also often dictated across the perimeter. We know that very well and we realize that… In Washington they should clearly understand that we know that.”
The Kremlin said it reserves the right to retaliate, but did not say what form that might take.
Peskov said Russia has several options and that the response, when it comes, will be carefully considered and balanced. He said an urgent investigation was underway, but he could not say when the results would be announced.


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