The monthly MLB The Show April awards have been revealed. This is a great way for Sony to introduce new cards that can be used in different ways. They are often a historical player and a current player, although usually not just another version of the same player already in the game.

During the month of April, some players have had really good months throughout history, and the monthly April Awards are here to honor them and give players something to work towards. This was revealed at the beginning of May.

MLB The Show Awards for April: Carlos Santana and Mark Pryor debut

The two new cards for MLB the Show’s Diamond Dynasty are from Mark Prior and Carlos Santana, one former player and one present.

Dodgers bullpen coach Mark Pryor is the captain of the MLB monthly April show awards
Dodgers bullpen coach Mark Pryor is the captain of the MLB Monthly April Show Awards

Mark Pryor is a former All-Star player who played for the Chicago Cubs. Injuries had previously derailed the potential player’s career. He is now working as a coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The other card is Carlos Santana. However, it’s not the current Carlos Santana who plays DH and first base for the Pittsburgh Pirates. It’s the Santana version that played a completely different situation with a different team.

Santana has been on a few teams in his career, including the Cleveland Guardians (they were known as the Indians then) and played catcher. MLB the Show April monthly card is from that era in his career.

MLB the Show players open Friday, May 5 at noon PST.

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