long overdue “haunted paths” It will be launched by Delhi Tourism Department on Saturday. The initiative’s first-of-its-kind heritage walk will begin with the Tughlaq-era monument, Malsha Mahal.

Located 1.5 kilometers off the main road and nestled deep in a forested area in posh Chanakyapuri, Malcha Mahal has been an object of fascination for a long time.

The Tughlaq-era hunting lodge was deserted for centuries before coming to light as the home of a mysterious family, who claim to be descendants of the Nawab of Awadh, whose last member died in 2017. Locals believe it to be the spirit of the mother of the family who died by suicide three decades ago. She still lives here, which gives her a haunted aura.

The Haunted Walk which is an extension of the already existing Heritage Walk will run from 5.30pm to 7pm.

The Heritage Walk was launched ahead of the G20 summit and covers places like Hauz Khas, Connaught Place and Old Delhi (Shahjahanabad).

Officials said the marches would take place every Saturday and Sunday as requested. It will be an hour and a half.

This will be a good initiative for the tourists as well as for the management as it will boost revenue. Since the launch of the heritage walks, there have been a lot of inquiries from people about haunted places. “So, the department is exploring the idea of ​​a haunted walk,” said an official from the Department of Tourism.

According to the oath, the parades will be a “spine-chilling experience” because they take place after sunset. “Because it is located inside a forest area, away from the main road, the rooms inside the monument, the terrace and the steps leading to it look very scary. There are also deer, monkeys, bats, owls and their sounds are scary… So, this will be a fun and unique experience for the tourists,” one said. officers.

Officials said they will extend this walk to other landmarks such as Bholi Bhattiari, located in Central Ridge, Firoz Shah Kota and Tughlaqabad Fort.

The marches will be held in six batches of 20 members each. People can book their flights at delhitourism.gov.in or “Dekho Meri Dilli” mobile app. On each walk, each visitor will be charged Rs 1,000, which will include conductor/guide and kit fees. The kit will include a torch, wand, burlap bag, cap, badge, ribbon, water bottle, juice, seasonal fruits, and muffins.


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