The new GTA Online Weekly Update was released yesterday, and it appears that it has also upgraded the security for PC players. According to a Twitter report by popular Tez2, Rockstar has quietly added Anti-Cheat updates on the PC version along with the weekly event. While the new update has strengthened protection from hackers, it has also given players trouble for a few hours.

GTA Online Anti-Cheat has been upgraded for PC users but with a short catch

Today, Rockstar has released Anti-Cheat Updates #GTAOnline PC along with the week of the event. Today’s AC updates crash legitimate operators frequently.

As we saw in the post above, Tez2 reported that the Anti-Cheat update released for GTA Online PC on May 5, 2023, has resulted in frequent crashes for some players on the platform. The problem occurred for a few hours before Rockstar released another update to address it.

Just a couple of hours after the issue started, Tez2 reported that the issue had been addressed with a customizable background update.

Rockstar, just a few minutes ago, released a new patchable update to address PC crashes. It should be back to normal now.#GTAOnline twitter.com/TezFunz2/statu…

Those who still face the crash are advised to reinstall the game on their computers. Despite this issue, players can enjoy several money-making opportunities throughout the week.

Players can win serious money until May 10, 2023

Is your barn full of valuables? Unload them into GTA Online Air Cargo Sale Missions for 1.5X GTA$ and RP this week. Plus, grab lands to earn double rewards by playing Turf Wars and more: rsg.ms/d408d9b

GTA Online’s latest weekly update has added a lot of rewards to earn this week simply by playing certain game modes. Here’s a brief breakdown of all the new payout and bonus boosts to claim by May 10, 2023:

2X Cash and RP

1.5X Cash and RP

  • First dose tasks
  • Air cargo missions
  • Last dose tasks

This week’s Last Dose Hard Mode event continues, allowing players to unlock rare items if they haven’t already:

  1. VDG Black Jeans And Cardigan – Players must complete the “Check-in” mission on the Hard difficulty
  2. SC Pink and Lime Coin Rolls – They must complete the mission “This is Interference” on Hard difficulty
  3. New finish for the Micro SMG weapon – All The Last Dose missions must be completed on very difficult
  4. Classic DS Tiger Embroidered Jeans – The task “Unusual Suspects” must be completed in difficult places

Pegassi Zentorno can be won by trying the wheel of fortune at The Diamond Casino and Resort. For racing enthusiasts, the Ocelot Jugular is available as a prize at the LS Car Meet.

There are plenty of things to do in the game this week, helping players in their daily hustle while they wait patiently for the GTA 6 release date.

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