Star Wars Jedi Survivor features six planets with more than 150 constellations. Collect them all for a 100% completion rating. One of these planets is called Jedha. There are many different areas for you to explore, such as the ancient ruins, the Narkiss desert, the base of Siri, and the pilgrim’s path. These regions are further divided into smaller regions. Divine Oasis is the last area you will explore in the ancient ruins of Jedha.

The Jedha Ancient Ruins area contains 34 groups spread over four areas: Abbey Walls, Penitence Chambers, Ranvell Halls, and Divine Oasis. Among those, three are in the Divine Oasis Region.

There are many types of collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, but the ones in the Divine Oasis area of ​​ancient ruins are the entries in the data and treasure bank.

The three holdings in the Divine Oasis are:

  • Enter a single data bank
  • two treasures

The locations of the three collectibles are in the divine Jeddah Oasis in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Divine Oasis Data Banks

Databank #1 website (Image via Respawn)
Databank #1 website (Image via Respawn)

There is only one data bank that you can find here. Since it’s just one data bank, you won’t have to do much exploring.

You can get these collectibles by following the main path after the Skriton Boss battle. You will get the resonance of power (pilgrims, memorized).

Treasure of the Divine Oasis

There are two treasures in this area of ​​Jedha in Star Wars Jedi: Survival. Both are relatively easy to obtain:

Treasure No. 1 (as scroll No. 1 says):

Treasure Location No. 1 (Image via Respawn)
Treasure Location No. 1 (Image via Respawn)

Once you find yourself in the oasis, you will have to look for a tent. Behind this tent you will find the first treasure, which is the Jedha Scroll. This will be your second acquisition from this area of ​​the ancient ruins of Jedha.

Treasure No. 2 (as scroll No. 2 says):

Treasure Location No. 2 (Image via Respawn)
Treasure Location No. 2 (Image via Respawn)

When you enter the Oasis area, you will find a ledge on the right side. You will have to wrestle yourself to the high ledge. This is where you will find the second treasure, the Jedha Scroll, in the corner.

This is the last treasure you can collect from this area. It is also the last possession of the Divine Oasis Region.

It’s very easy to get all the collectibles from the Divine Oasis region. However, it is not the same for other regions that have over 12 holdings.

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