Former Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh on Friday asked Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann where did the 109 crore rupees earmarked for the sugar mill in Bhojpur go? He also urged the women to ask about the electoral promise of Rs 1,000 to all women in the state.

Addressing a public rally in Jalandhar Adampur, Captain Mann asked, “Rs 109 crore has been given for the storage and maintenance of the sugar factory. It is necessary to harvest the sugarcane at the right time every season and make the field ready for the next crop. Where will the sugarcane farmers go now? They have no place to store their crops.” “.

The former prime minister added that the AAP government had failed on all fronts. Law and order in the country have gone bankrupt. Homicides happen in the state every day. Gangsters run their network of prisons. Industrialists and merchants are demanded for ransom and killed if they do not pay. Drugs are widely sold and people are dying from drug addiction. This is the situation in the state where no one will come here to invest.
No factories will open and unemployment will rise.

Calling the AAP a fake party, the captain also asked the women if they got Rs 1,000 in their accounts as promised before the elections. All of the AAP’s assurances are false, he said, and women now feel cheated.

On Thursday, Amarinder urged people to vote for the party’s candidate Indir Iqbal Singh Atwal in Jalandhar secondary district to strengthen the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaking before a well attended public meeting here, he said, “The Jalandhar by-elections will set the tone for the 2024 general elections in Punjab which are extremely important for the future of the country.”


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