The Houston Astros pulled off a late win over the Seattle Mariners on Friday night, taking a 6-4 lead in the ninth innings to win the game. It was Kiel Tucker’s second home run that won the game for the Astros.

However, many point to the referee’s foul on the field, which before was called a foul ball when it was actually a shot. Fans took to social media to vent their frustration that one umpire error cost the Mariners the game.

The game was tied 4–4 in the bottom of the eighth innings after an RBI single by Eugenio Suarez to tie the game. Then, in the top of the ninth innings, Kyle Tucker was facing Matt Brush on the mound.

It was then that Brush appeared to hit Tucker but the referee made the wrong call by calling a foul ball. On the next pitch, Tucker hit a two-run leadoff up the middle, clinching the game for the Astros.

MLB fans were disappointed at the end of the entertaining game and many were calling for robots to replace the umpires soon. This is a theme that seems to come up every time a referee makes a mistake.

It is important to remember that they are human and prone to making mistakes. However, one can also sympathize with the Mariners for losing a game that might not have existed, had the right call been made.

“Oh my god this gives me bots,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another “rescued by typical trash” was added.

Kyle Tucker puts the Astros ahead in the ninth with a two-run blast!

The Astros increase their lead ahead of the Mariners

Friday night’s MLB game was significant in the AL West table as the two teams had nearly identical records going into the game. The Houston Astros and Seattle Mariners were close before the game, and the win meant that Houston had gained some distance ahead of the Mariners.

This is another reason why fans were furious at the referee’s mistake which had a ripple effect all over the league table.

However, there are still two more games to play in this series and the Mariners are hoping to form the floor.

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