The Dravidian model of governance cannot be understood by those who divide people on the basis of caste and religion, DMK Chairman and Prime Minister MK Stalin said Saturday in a veiled attack on Governor RN Ravi.

There was no need for him to answer those who questioned the Dravidian model and the happiness on the face of the beneficiaries of various welfare programs provided the answer, said Stalin in his speech at an event here to celebrate the DMK completing two years in office.

The PM’s remark gains significance in the wake of Ravi’s comment that the Dravidian model of governance is nothing but a “political slogan” and a desperate attempt to preserve an “expired ideology”. On 7 May 2021, Stalin became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

He said that the Tirukkural classical Tamil position was that all people are equal by birth and that the Dravidian model of governance aimed for “ellorukkum ellamum”, all things to all.

Avoiding naming Ravi, he said that those who, by virtue of their power and arrogance, differentiate people on the basis of caste and religion cannot understand the Dravidian paradigm.

“The educated people of Tamil Nadu, who voted for DMK to power with the confidence of a new dawn, fully understand what the Draividian model is about. There is no need to worry about those in positions that have nothing to do with people. It is enough for us to do our homework and I am working towards that goal.”

For the past two years, the campus of Fort St. George, the powerhouse that houses the Secretariat of State, has become a place to protect the welfare of the poor.

The facet of this system is not despotism, but the principle of equality. The face of this government is not Sanathanam (Dharma), it is social justice. That is why it is criticized by a few and loved by many.” Stalin emphasized that the building blocks of the DMK are ideals such as social justice, equal justice, self-respect, and fraternity.

Without naming the former AIADMK regime, he said steps had been taken to address the “deterioration” seen during the previous ruling. The government works to secure the rights of the state from the center and create dawn. “I will work fully to fulfill all[electoral guarantees made prior to the 2021 General Assembly elections].” The prime minister said that the government has reached out to all the 8 crore people in one way or another through welfare schemes. He listed a plethora of initiatives including special feeding for children, Rs 1,000 aid for female students, free travel for women on government-run city buses, breakfast for students in state-run schools, and provision of free electricity to farmers.

He emphasized many other initiatives underlined by cooperation loans, new electricity connections to farmers, crop loans, and new infrastructure projects including roads and bridges.

The event saw the start of distribution of pension award orders to 1 beneficiary and CM giving orders to 10 people. He gave debit cards to ten female students under the ‘Pudhumai Penn’ scheme. It offers Rs 1,000 per month assistance to female students to pursue higher education.

The eligibility criterion is that students must study in government schools from class 6 to 12. Stalin bestowed prizes on five recipients under the “Naan Mudhalvan” scheme, roughly speaking “I am the first”, a youth empowerment initiative.

Released “Penning down change”, a book on the achievements of DMK’s two-year rule by the Department of Information and Public Relations.

Stalin also inaugurated a photo exhibition on the government’s achievements and released a CD and souvenir titled “Eedilla aatchi eerande satchi” (Unprecedented rule, two years of government is testimony) of the achievements. State ministers including Duraimurugan (water resources) and K Ponmudi (higher education), senior officials led by Chief Secretary V Irai Anbu, members of Parliament and MLAs participated.


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