With just a few days left until the Karnataka assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday attacked former chief minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah.

Addressing a huge crowd in Badami in Bagalkot district, Prime Minister Modi said, “I have heard that Siddaramaiah is claiming to have developed Badami. But I want to tell you that if there is any development, it is because of the twin-engine government… Mr. Siddaramaiah has abandoned the constituency and cast Bek (public of Badami) and fled to another constituency. For he understood the mood of the people here. If he comes here, ask him why so many people are deprived of basic amenities before the two-engine government provides them.”

In the 2018 polls, Siddaramaiah was contesting from Chamundeshwari (in Mysuru district) and Badami assembly constituencies. Although he lost in Chamundeshwari to leader JD(S)GT Devegowda, he managed to win in Badami by defeating BJP candidate Sriramulu by 1696 votes. On Saturday, Modi campaigned for seven BJP candidates from Bagalkot and two candidates from Gadagh district.

Quoting former Prime Minister and late Congress leader Rajiv Gandhi that only 15 pounds of every rupee allocated by the government reached the intended beneficiary, PM Modi said: Paiz). This is the job of Congress. That is why the country has not witnessed development during these years. In the last nine years, the BJP government has awarded Rs 29 crore to the poor and middle class. If we go by the words of Rajiv Gandhi, Congress would have embezzled 24 crore rupees. “

“Before 2014, the price of internet data was around 300 rupees per gigabyte. Today, it is down to around 10 rupees per gigabyte. BJP has ensured strong connectivity and great infrastructure in the country.”

In his address in Haveri, home district of Chief Minister Basavaraj Bomay, PM Modi said, “Haveri has got a new medical college, Haveri University, dairy, road and railway infrastructure because of the twin-engine government.”


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