Sean O’Malley leans towards Henry Cejudo’s victory after discussing the UFC 288 main event on his YouTube channel.

The main event of UFC 288 sees Aljamain Sterling looking to defend his bantamweight title against a returning Henry Cejudo. The ‘Funk Master’ is vying to become the first 135-pound champion to defend the title three times in a row, while ‘Triple C’ hopes to become the first person in UFC history to win the belt over the age of 35.

Waiting for the winner is Sean O’Malley, who solidified himself as the No. 1 contender when he defeated Peter Yan at UFC 280 in what was the biggest win of his career.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Suga chose to provide his prediction for this weekend’s card, including the main event. According to O’Malley, Cejudo’s speed will play a key role and he believes Sterling will struggle with a difficult weight cut.

He said:

“I think Henry gets the job done. I think Henry will outpace Aljo, and Aljo cuts a lot of weight. I think Henry will, whether he’s going to make the call or get the job done in the later rounds, um, I think he’ll get the job done. I call it now guys, Henry gets the job done.”

Find out O’Malley’s forecast here:

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Aljamaen Sterling plans to face Sean O’Malley after defeating Henry Cejudo

Aljamain Sterling is already looking to move past his match with Henry Cejudo, after warning Sean O’Malley that he’ll face him next time.

“Funk Master” appeared on T.I.TIt’s MMA Hour Earlier this week, he discussed his UFC 288 main event and his future plans should he emerge victorious. Sterling had no doubts that he would remain the champion and sent a warning to Sean O’Malley.

Sterling said:

“I was promised O’Malley after the TJ (Dillashaw) fight and if I’m going to look good doing it – I did. That’s changed. I don’t know if I’m giving away too much, I hope not, I hope this doesn’t come back to bite me in the a**. It didn’t.” It happens, so now they put Henry in front of me and it was dangerous. It’s about competitor versus competitor so I took the fight.”

he added:

“I said to them, ‘Okay then, so am I going to strike the golden hen?'” And they said yeah, but we’ll see. If that’s another push – let’s say I roll Henry steaming in the first round, I take him down, I smother him a**, his little feet dangling in the air and then I get on the mic, I call O’Malley, and then they say no and then I don’t know , I might go (to) 145. I don’t know.”

Read Sterling’s comments here:

Aljamain Sterling says he got a promise from Sean O’Malley after fighting TJ Dillashaw, but ‘that’s changed’ 👀 # what time is it “I asked them, ‘After[the Henry Cejudo fight]then am I going to strike the golden chicken? They said yes youtube.com/watch?v=kzRxlB…

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