In a rare appearance at a campaign rally, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi on Saturday addressed a polling meeting in Hubali, where she accused the BJP of taking the country “on a path of destruction”.

She also criticized the comments made by the BJP leaders during their campaign in Karnataka, saying that the fate of the people does not depend on the blessing of any leader and that the people decide their own destiny. In a recent poll meeting, BJP President JP Nada urged people to vote for BJP so as not to be “not without the blessings of (Prime Minister) Modi”.

While Rahul Gandhi was present at the rally, he did not address it.

“Do not manipulate the history of social justice in the state. To fulfill your political greed, do not take Karnataka and the country down the path of destruction,” Sonia said in her speech.

Today, the situation is such that they (BJP leaders) issue threats openly. They say if they don’t win, Karnataka will not get Modi’s blessing. They say if the BJP loses, there will be riots here… The people of the state do not depend on anyone’s grace, but trust their hard work and dedication. It’s time to tell them (BJP leaders) that the wealth of leaders is determined by the blessing of the people. Their fate does not depend on the blessing of any leader. “People decide their own destiny,” she said.

The former Congress president also accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of creating an atmosphere of “looting, lies, arrogance and hatred” and described the party’s “indifference”. “You did not vote for the BJP in 2018, yet they committed themselves to participation and assumed power,” she said, referring to the BJP forming the government after MLAS was withdrawn from the coalition government of Congress and Dinar.

With the BJP putting forward a manifesto to the Congress referendum, vowing to crack down on extremist organizations that “spread hate”, such as the Bajrang Dal and the People’s Front of India, such as Attack on Hanuman, Congress President Mallikarjun accused the party’s exit of invoking God for votes.

Raising the slogan “Jai Bajrang Bali, Todd do Bharashchar ki Nali (Oh ​​Hanuman, cut off the life source of corruption)” at the rally, Karg said Congress was using Hanuman instead to rid the state of corruption.


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