With Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath promising a crackdown on the mafia, last month the Uttar Pradesh police released a list containing the names of the heads of 66 crime syndicates, and senior officials say multiple teams are on the ground looking for the fugitive suspects and also keeping an eye on them. on those released on bail.

Three of the listed mafiosi are now dead – Anil Dagna and Aditya Rana aka Ravi killed in encounters with police, Ateeq Ahmed killed in Prayagraj by assailants posing as journalists. Ateeq Ahmed’s brother Ashraf, whose name did not appear on the list, was also shot dead with him.

Of the remaining 63 on the list, five are fugitives, 20 are out on bail, and 38 are being held in different prisons.

Senior police officials said they were being watched by the government. A police officer said, “Our teams are looking for the criminals and if they shoot the police instead of surrendering, they will surely face retaliation.”

Special Director General of Police (Law & Order) Prashant Kumar told PTI, “The police are watching everyone. No one will be allowed to play with law and order in the state.” He said multiple teams have been formed to catch the fleeing mafiosi. , who have been released on bail. The police check from time to time.” The mafia list was released weeks after Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath vowed to take decisive action against such elements in the state. “Mafiaaon ko mitti me mila denge (He will turn the mafia into dust”), he had threatened in the state assembly during a heated debate with Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav over the case of Atiq Ahmed, who has been lodged in a jail in Gujarat.

On May 4, gangster Anil Dogana, whose name has struck fear in the areas of the National Capital Region for two decades, was killed in Meeru in an encounter with Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force.

“Anil Dujana, a wanted criminal, was cornered by our team in a village in Meerut on Thursday afternoon. Dujana was shot by our team for fleeing and killed in retaliatory shooting,” said Amitabh Yash, Additional Director General of the Red Police Force.

Anil, who bears the name of his village as his family name, has had more than 60 cases filed against him, including murder and extortion.

Just two weeks after Atiq Ahmed, a mafioso turned politician, and his brother Ashraf were shot dead at close range by three people, the two brothers got out of a police car and walked towards the hospital, handcuffed and escorted by policemen, in Prayagraj around 10pm.

On 12 April, the Special Forces shot Aditya Rana, alias Ravi, who had escaped from police custody.

Under the leadership of Additional Director General of Police (ADG), Amitabh Yash, the police, as part of a special campaign, are searching for criminals who have been declared absconding.

During their campaign for urban local body elections, Chief Minister Adityanath and state ministers attack opposition parties for allegedly harboring such criminals.

“BJP ki ek hi yukti, pradesh ko dilai mafia se mukti (The Bharatiya Janata Party has only one solution: rid the state of the mafia). Government’s tolerance of crime.”

He said that earlier criminals in Uttar Pradesh used to walk around with their heads held high, but now they carry placards around their necks questioning their lives.

He also researched the previous systems, saying that people associated with a certain party would brandish handguns made in the country, but these days they have not been seen, and young people are now running on smartphones and tablets.

One of the mafiosi on the list is Badan Singh Badu, who has been on the run for the past four years.

He had managed to escape when the police team escorted him to Farrukhabad prison after stopping his court appearance in Ghaziabad at a restaurant in Meerut. All the police were allegedly drunk and he took advantage of the situation. The police have not yet arrested Badu, who is accused of murder, looting and ransom registered against him.

Last week, Manoj Asi who was a mafia deserter was arrested in Gautam Pod Nagar after an encounter. He was also wounded in a shootout.

Haji Iqbal alias Bala, an ex-BSP MLC and Saharanpur mining mafioso, has also escaped and a cash reward of Rs 1 lakh has been announced by the police on his arrest. His brother and sons are in prison.

Others in the list who have come out of the police net so far are: Jugnu Walia aka Harvinder Singh (from Lucknow), linked to the Mukhtar Ansari gang, Vinay Tyagi based in Meerut and Javed alias Pappu of Prayagraj.

Ajay Pratap Singh aka Ajay Sipahi from Ambedkarnagar, Sushil Mosh from Muzaffarnagar, Anoop Singh and Pradeep Singh from Pratapgarh, Sudhir Singh, Rakesh Yadav and Vinod Upadhyay from Gorakhpur, Saud Akhtar from Kanpur, Bachchu Yadav from Lucknow, and Rajesh Yadavar Hussain from Prayagraj out on bail.

Brijesh Singh (from Varanasi) and Sanjeev Dwivedi alias Ramu Dwivedi (from Durya) were also released on bail.

Those who have been jailed include former MLA Mukhtar Ansari, former MP Rizwan Zaheer, Tribhuvan Singh, Amit Kasana, Sundar Bhati and Subhash Thakur.

The mafia ran its network from within the prisons, officials said, but their confidence was shaken by the state government’s crackdown on the relationship between the mafia and prison officials.

Actions have been taken against the prison officials, staff and criminals in several cases including the illegal meeting between Mukhtar Ansari’s son Abbas and his wife in Chitrakoot jail where Abbas was lodged, and Ashraf’s meeting with people in Bareilly jail.

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