BJP-backed candidates won the majority in the two municipal councils – Bunda and Sanquilim – in Goa on Sunday.

Although the elections for the two chambers were not held along party lines, some candidates had the support of political parties.

In Sankilim, home of Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, the BJP-backed committee won 11 of the 12 seats, while one candidate from Congress was elected unopposed. In Bunda, BJP-supported candidates won 11 of the 15 seats, while four other candidates won the remaining seats.

Hailing the “decisive” victory, Sawant tweeted: “Sincere gratitude to the people of Sankali and Bunda for giving the BJP a decisive victory in the municipal elections.”

“I deeply appreciate the blessings of the people of Sankali and Bunda for the massive win in the municipal elections. Congratulations to the winning candidates for the wonderful state. Let us continue to carry forward the vision of Honorable Chief Minister Antudaya.”

BJP Goa President Sadan and Chet Tanavad attributed the victory to the relentless efforts of party workers. Voters have supported the BJP because of its developmental policies in the state. People in Sankali and Bunda showed their belief in BJP. The two seats will be awarded to the Bharatiya Janata Party in the next Lok Sabha elections 2024.”

Bunda reported a turnout of 74.65 percent and Sankilim scored 87.56 percent in the civic elections held on Friday.


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