Crime and liver met again on Friday when a prominent promoter of the game, and a former player himself, was critically injured in a drive-by shooting in Surrey, British Columbia. The President of the National Kabaddi Assembly, Kamaljit Singh “Neetu Kang” was shot twice in the Bear Creek area of ​​the city on Friday morning.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) received a report of a shooting in the driveway of a home at the 8100 block of 144A Street in the Bear Creek area at 8 a.m. Friday. Although the RCMP did not identify Kang, his relatives and local media confirmed that he was the victim.

A video purporting to show the accident shows Kang walking outside his home when a white SUV pulls up next to him. Kang was shot in the stomach, and as he tried to flee, the shooter got out of the car and shot him again, hitting him before driving away.

When the police arrived, Kang was found bleeding from a gunshot wound and was taken to hospital in serious condition.

The burnt-out SUV was found 10 kilometers from the crime scene. Burning a vehicle after a shooting is a common sign of gang conflict in the Greater Vancouver area.

The RCMP said in a statement: “This appears to be a targeted incident; however, the motive is unknown.”

The Punjabi-style kabaddi circuit is very popular in Punjab, as well as the diaspora around the world. Reverentially referred to as “maa-khed” (the mother of all sports), it attracts millions of views on YouTube and draws big money from NRI promoters. The best kabaddi players can earn up to 1 crore rupees per year. Since the kabaddi circuit is an unregulated sport with little oversight, fame and fortunes often tempt players to use steroids, and some have even died as a result.

The sport is also a way to pack, with young and old alike flocking to watch the various kabaddi cups held throughout the summer. Politicians, predictably, are also drawn to citron promoters, who are gaining more influence. There are many associations, and turf wars sometimes turn deadly.

Kabaddi frequently found himself involved in drugs, violent crime and human trafficking. While no link between the two incidents has yet been proven, Kang was shot on the same day, halfway around the world in India, another NRI promoter, Surjan Singh Chatta, was arrested in connection with the killing of Sandeep Nanjal Ambyan in 2008. 2022. The famous kabaddi player. Snover Dillon was among the defendants in the murder case of Nanjal Ambien, an Ontario-based promoter who also served as a back-room organizer for Ontario’s ruling Progressive Conservative Party. In the past, he has contracted with Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown.

Granthi accused of sexual exploitation of minors

Granthi and a teacher in British Columbia made their first court appearances on Tuesday charged with sexual interference and exploitation of minors. Surrey resident Bhupinder Singh Sonu, 40, worked as a priest and drum teacher at a school, where he allegedly exploited three victims under the age of 16. The alleged incidents occurred between September 2022 and February 2023.

According to reports, Sonu came to Canada on a work permit as a grantee eight years ago and was granted permanent residence two weeks ago.


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