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Women's Battalion of the Israeli Air Force, Yasirat during the 66th Republic Day celebration at Rajpath in New Delhi on Monday.  (file / pti)

The Women’s Battalion of the Israeli Air Force, Yasirat during the 66th Republic Day celebration at Rajpath in New Delhi on Monday. (file / pti)

Here are the top stories for tonight. I am not a dark horse for the Karnataka CM post, Kharg says; Prime Minister Modi in the final phase of the election campaign in Karnataka. and other news,

I am not a dark horse for Karnataka CM Post; Build 80 Hanuman Temple in Kalpurgi: Mallikarjun Outside | Exclusive

Many were surprised when, during an election campaign, in the presence of Sonia Gandhi, Congress President Mallikarjun outside delivered a chant related to Bajrang Bali, but with a twist. He said, “Jai Bajrang Bali, break the corruption ki nali.” Read more

Karnataka Elections 2023 Live: PM Modi Says Congress Halted Women’s Empowerment at Shivamogga Rally

With only three days left to vote in Karnataka, the polling campaign is in full swing as senior leaders address rallies and hold roadshows to attract voters. Read more

Next year’s Republic Day parade may witness all women’s teams, the center sends a note to the armed forces

Sources at the Ministry of Defense said that Republic Day 2024 may witness “only women’s participation” in parades and marching bands, in addition to tableaus and other performances during the parade in the Kartavia track in the national capital. Read more

Cyclone Mocha: the storm intensified over the southeastern Bay of Bengal; Rain warning in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha

The Indian Meteorological Department said on Sunday that a low pressure area is likely to form over the Bay of Bengal on May 8 and is expected to intensify into a depression and cyclonic storm on May 9. It formed in the southeastern Bay of Bengal, and is considered the first step in the development of a potentially severe cyclonic storm in the region next week. Read more

What if Dhoni was an RCB captain: “Woh Teen Dafa Trophies Jeeta Chuka Hota Inko” says Wasim Akram

It has been 16 years since the inception of the Indian Premier League (IPL), but all this time things have remained steady as MS Dhoni captains Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Virat Kohli plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). Both players have endless followers and are much admired by the budding cricketers. Read more

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