Mumbai Police, investigating the murder of ex-DCP’s son Vishal Campbell, 44, and kidnapping of his 81-year-old mother Rohini, said the five arrested accused kept Rohini alive under the influence of sedatives because they needed her autograph. To transfer her property in their name and after that they planned to kill her too.

Police added that apart from Pranav Ramtik, it was his cousin Rohit Adman aka Moses Parker and his wife Saira Khan who collected the other accused from Mumbai to carry out the crime. Police said Khan and another suspect are still on the run.

An officer said, “The accused planned to kill Rohini after she signed the necessary documents. Soon after she was kidnapped, they took her to Ajmer as there were large crowds there and the accused felt it would be easy to hide there. From there, the accused rented a bungalow in Ari where they kept her under effect of sedatives.

The officer added that they recovered the skeletal remains of Vishal from bushes along the Ahmedabad-Vadodara highway. He added, “The accused wanted to make sure that his body would not be found. Hence, they decided to dispose of him in another country. While walking on the Ahmedabad-Vadodara highway, they found a spot near a river with bushes where they felt no one would discover the body. Hence, they dumped it.” there “. The officer added that Vishal was given sedatives and then the defendants strangled him to death. The official claimed that his killing was pre-planned.

Right now, the police are awaiting DNA tests to ensure that the skeletal remains found belong to Vishal. The police are also searching for the fugitive suspects. An officer said Rohini Campbell, who was admitted to the hospital, was discharged in good health. The five arrested suspects are currently in police custody.

The matter was revealed on 21 April when a missing persons complaint was filed after Rohini and Vishal Campbell disappeared from their hotel room in Chembur on 5 April. Accused of murdering Vishal at Villa Panvil on the day they kidnapped him.


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