A Hall of Famer recently revealed that they were asked to participate in the WWE draft but were unable to.

This year’s WWE draft saw several Superstars change their brands, be called up from NXT, and get another shot at the main roster after spending some time on the company’s developmental brand. Wrestling legends like Booker T, Quinn Sharmell, Eric Bischoff, RVD, Michael Hayes and more made read selections during this year’s draft, but one of the superstars of the past couldn’t make it.

Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle has made several appearances lately, but he wasn’t able to make it to the draft this year as a presenter. talking on The Kurt Angle Show The podcaster, 54, stated that the company asked him to appear during this year’s WWE Draft, but he missed it due to some scheduling conflicts.

“I was asked to do it and I couldn’t, unfortunately. I wish it were possible, I would have loved to be there announcing a draft pick. But unfortunately I was busy that day, and I just couldn’t do it,” Kurt Angle said. (H/ T: Contact Zone)

WWE legend Kurt Angle talks about the possibility of another match

Kurt Angle’s last match was a loss to Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35, and some fans are still hoping he’ll step inside the squared circle again, but that appears to be a long way off at this time.

Speaking with legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, the former champ admitted that he is not the wrestler he used to be and is proud of what he has accomplished during his career.

“I don’t think so. I had a knee replacement five months ago. I’m fine. I think I’ve had a good enough career that I’m very proud of. If that happens, it will be. It’s probably a tag match like Ric Flair so it won’t be revealed.” I hate to say it, but I’m not exactly the same wrestler I used to be. But if I decide to have a wrestling match, it’s against guys who can hold me. And I’ll make sure it’s a tag match, so I wasn’t exposed,” Angle said. (from 02:35 to 03:05)

You can check out the full interview in the video below:

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Kurt Angle may have missed the draft but he will be welcomed by the WWE Universe when he decides to show up next. The former General Manager of RAW has created countless moments for wrestling fans throughout his Hall of Fame career.

Which brand do you think had the best draft this year? Sound off in the comments section below.

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