Last month, artists from South Asia Diljit Dosanjh From India, and Ali Sethi from Pakistan, became one of the first choreographers to grace America’s critically acclaimed Coachella music festival. While Diljit’s achievement as the first Indian to perform in the prestigious theater garnered a lot of attention, Sethi’s act did not receive similar media coverage in his country.

Saddened by this, Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain recently took to his Instagram account to post a story regarding it and quipped that Pakistanis have become too cool for their own good and compared that to the appreciation Diligit has received from his country.

“Diljit also went to Coachella and all of India appreciated him. This is also a huge achievement for a Pakistani artist. But, as usual, we didn’t care too much about it. Hum zara zyada cool nahi ho gaye (Aren’t we cool now?) wrote the actor and director.

Ali Sethi himself shared several glimpses of his Coachella work on his social media as he took the stage to hum some of his most iconic songs, including the viral chart hit “Pasoori” brought to life by Sethi and Shae Gill in collaboration with Coke Studio. Pakistan in 2022. The song was also one of the most searched songs of the last year on Google.

Meanwhile, Diljit garnered a lot of love from Indians for his dazzling performance at Coachella, acknowledging his achievement on stage with the now iconic Punjabi line – “Punjabi aa gaye Coachella oye” (Punjab has arrived at Coachella). The Punjabi star had earlier explained in an interview with ETimes that he was supposed to be speaking in English at that moment, but since he forgot his lines, he ended up communicating in his native language.

Diljit, who is also a well-known actor, is promoting his upcoming feature film Jodi. He will also soon appear in Imtiaz Ali’s Chamkila with Parineeti Chopra.


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