The Los Angeles Angels have been tough competitors so far this season. They are currently ahead of the Houston Astros in the AL West and just two games out of first place with a 19-16 record.

They had a chance to tie the lead in their final division series with their Finals series against the Texas Rangers on Sunday, but fell in embarrassing fashion 16-8.

It was an embarrassing loss and Angels fans know it all too well. They went through frustrating frustrations in the era of Mike Trout and Shuhei Ohtani and losses like this are fairly common.

The fans are tired of the performance and are very frustrated at the missed opportunity. They blamed most of the players – including Trout.

@tweet The so-called goat Mr. Trout is major problem #1. We win without him. We are a team without him.

@employee – Suarez needs a reality check – Renfro let us down. Three chances and you can’t win at once – flop of bid, Nevins’ inexperience palpable… Hopefully this is a reality check for this team to start talking and right this ship. Loss will happen but not in this way

@employee 2 consecutive blow-ups = Our Friday night deal is now void. Move Suarez to the boardroom. Suarez had enough chances. 1 A good start against MID Milwaukee doesn’t mean a squat. You already have 5 other good tapas, why use Suarez?

@employee All one can say is, wow. Twenty-six runs were given up in two games. Just about talking. If we could only play sub .500 teams all the time…

@employee What an overrated player is the privilege of ohtani Hahaha Poor

@tweet It’s time to fire Nevin to look at the Phillys they knocked out Joe Girardi and made it to the World Series

@employee I am currently cleaning my golf clubs for the month of October now

Understandably, the fanbase is furious after a loss like this. Games will be lost Even the best teams in baseball lose about a third of their games. Explosion losses will happen too, but they are harder to swallow.

However, a blowout loss like that is hard to swallow when it comes to the one-game division leader at the time. An opportunity to tie the early season lead was missed.

The Angels are a team that’s been fighting to make Shohei Ohtani want to stay in free agency, and they need to put together a great season. Such losses are not beneficial.

Mike Trout isn’t the one to blame for the Los Angeles Angels’ struggles

Despite what some fans have pointed out, Mike Trout is far from trouble for the Los Angeles Angels.

Anecdotal records from games with or without him don’t say much. Teams need to play their best players regardless. Trout is one of the best players in the entire MLB.

Mike Trout carried the Los Angeles Angels offensively
Mike Trout carried the Los Angeles Angels offensively

Plus he’s having another great season. It actually clocks in at 1.6 fWAR and has a crisp 158 wRC+. This is the highest average on the team and higher than MVP candidate Shuhei Ohtani.

Trout also has double fWAR for closer offensive players, so he’s out of trouble.

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