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The judge said Reddy was in bad shape.  (Image credit: Youtube)

The judge said Reddy was in bad shape. (Image credit: Youtube)

According to CBI and ED, irregularities were committed while amending the excise policy and undue benefits were given to license holders

Asserting that the sick or infirm have the right to adequate and effective treatment, the Delhi High Court has granted bail to businessman P Sarath Chandra Reddy on medical grounds in a money laundering case related to the alleged excise hoax of the Delhi government.

Judge Dinesh Kumar Sharma said on Monday that although “good basic treatment” can be offered to the accused in jail, the court cannot expect the specialized treatment and monitoring required in the current case.

The judge said Reddy was in “bad shape” and qualified as “sick/incapacitated” to be released on bail in the money laundering case and there was no material on record to prove he was a flight risk.

The court explained that the order was issued in view of the health condition of the accused without delving into the subject matter of the case and asked him not to travel without permission or tamper with evidence.

Additional Attorney General S. An appropriate order may be issued if the court is satisfied with the medical record in the present case.

Appearing for Reddy, senior lawyer Vikas Pahwa said medical records showed he was “sick and incapacitated” and that he was entitled to bail under Section 45 of the Money Laundering Prevention Act.

“The petitioner shall accept bail on making a personal bond of Rs 10,000/- (Rs. 1 lakh) with two sureties of the same amount to the satisfaction of the first instance court,” the court said in May. 8 request.

“It is well established that the right to life is an aspect of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution. The right to live with dignity includes the right to live a healthy life. The sick or infirm have the right to adequate and effective treatment. Although designated prisons and hospitals provide essential treatment Well, we cannot expect them to provide specialist treatment and monitoring as required in the present case,” the court said.

She explained that the order had been given in view of the petitioner’s medical condition, and therefore should not be considered as a precedent.

The court also required Reddy to surrender his passport, to appear before the investigating officer whenever he was requested to do so, and to keep his mobile phone in working condition.

Reddy, the director and all-time promoter of Aurobindo Pharma, was caught by ED in November last year.

The court earlier granted Reddy temporary bail.

The department manager is investigating alleged irregularities in implementing the now-repealed liquor policy of the Delhi government.

The money laundering case stems from information on the CIB information area.

According to CBI and ED, irregularities were committed during the adjustment of the excise policy and unnecessary benefits were given to license holders. The Delhi government implemented the policy on 17 November 2021, but canceled it at the end of September 2022 amid allegations of corruption.

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