ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rana Sanullah said on Tuesday that former Prime Minister Imran Khan has been arrested for causing loss to the national treasury in a corruption case.
He gave details of the arrest of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief outside the Islamabad High Court and also denied reports that the 70-year-old leader had been tortured during his arrest by the paramilitary Rangers.
Khan, who traveled from Lahore to the federal capital Islamabad, was arrested on Tuesday while in court hearing a corruption case, a day after the country’s powerful military allegedly hatched a plot to kill him. .
Arrested by NAB Qader Trust caseSanaullah added, “The arrest was based on merit and Khan is being held by the Anti-Illegal Gain Authority.
Sanaullah said that UK authorities in a money laundering case seized £190 million, or 60 billion rupees, from a Pakistani businessman with the intention of transferring it to the government of Pakistan.
However, Khan allowed the businessman to recover the money instead of depositing it in the state and using it to pay a fine imposed by the Supreme Court in another case.
In return, the businessman gave 23.1 hectares (458 kanals) at Sahawa in Jhelum district and 12.1 hectares (240 kanals) at Banigala near Islamabad to the Qadir Trust.
The minister also claimed that the Qadir Fund was registered in the name of Khan’s wife, Bushra Bibi, and her close friend, Farah Joji. He also claimed that the value of the property was around 6-7 billion rupees. He said that “Khan has caused a great loss to the state treasury”, and urged the court to return the same money to the government.
Khan was also accused of playing with foreign hands and issuing statements against state institutions. “Khan is an ally of the country’s enemies and is trying to harm the country,” he said.
The minister said the paramilitary forces were performing their duty legally when their officials carried out the arrest. He said that the government had nothing to do with the arrest, which was carried out on the orders of the NAB.
He said there were “dozens” of other cases with ongoing corruption investigations against the former prime minister.
“He (Khan) was not subjected to any kind of torture.
Khan’s PTI party recently submitted a list of cases to the Islamabad High Court (IHC). The list states that 31 cases against Khan have been registered in the federal capital, and 30 cases and summons notices have been issued in Lahore, capital of Punjab province.
These cases relate to various charges such as treason, blasphemy, and committing and inciting violence and terrorism.
According to the list, 12 cases of terrorism were recorded against Khan in Lahore and 14 cases in Faisalabad. About 22 terrorism cases have been registered against Imran Khan across the country.
Khan faces a slew of issues since his overthrow by a vote of no confidence in April last year. All of these issues were dismissed as political victims by the ruling coalition.
Currently, Khan said he is facing more than 140 cases related to terrorism, blasphemy, murder, violence and incitement to violence.


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