Pre-flight ads are often considered boring. However, some pilots like it Mohit Teotia from SpiceJet Bring their own amusing twists to these ads and add a little dose of entertainment to the ride. Teotia, popularly known as “idyllic pilot”recently a video in which he made a cheeky declaration before leaving his flight to Bangkok, Thailand.

After welcoming the passengers and introducing himself and his co-pilot, Teotia slyly alluded to Bangkok’s vibrant adult entertainment industry and said, “Sakti hai kan”. This loosely translates to, “All those on this flight with lies, should be careful on their return because if their wives find out They might end up in trouble.”

In response to Teotia’s anger, the passengers erupted into laughter and applause. While sharing this video on his Instagram account, he wrote, “I am happy, when my passengers are happy.”

Since it was shared five days ago, the video has garnered more than 1.4 lakh likes. Commenting on this, one Instagram user wrote, “When everyone else is selling a similar product, these add-ons and especially the non-traditional ones differentiate the product/service. I’m sure you get a great deal of satisfaction doing this – it’s quite visible in the videos, and it might Customers stay cross – if they’re lucky enough to make you a pilot for their flights at SG, I wish you all the best!”

Another person said, “poeticpilot_ U r amazing.. U set an example of the best customer focused pilot. The way you keep your passenger happy… I hope to meet you one day.”


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