After the successful completion of the first Scorpio Top-Up event in Free Fire MAX, Garena has launched a second iteration featuring three new cosmetics. Like every other top-up event, players just have to buy the required number of diamonds to get free Pan – Scorpio, Motorike – Scorpio, and Scorpio Glare.

Scorpio Top-Up 2 was added to the game on May 9, 2023, and players have plenty of time (until May 15, 2023) to get the rewards. They will need to increase the diamonds necessary to receive the above items. This article will describe the event and the rewards offered.

The new Scorpio Top-Up 2 event starts in Free Fire MAX

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This is the second Scorpio themed event on the Indian Free Fire MAX server, and players are excited about the stuff up for grabs. The requirements for the new top-up event and the accompanying free rewards are as follows:

  • Buy 100 diamonds to get a free Pan – Scorpio game
  • Buy 300 diamonds to get a motorbike – scorpion for free
  • Buy 500 Diamonds to get Scorpio Glitter for free

The rewards in the top-up event are free of charge since you do not have to spend the diamonds that you buy to get them. In addition, any in-app purchase will count toward all 3 milestones, so you can get 500 diamonds for getting all items.

Steps to buy diamonds and get rewards through Scorpio Top-Up 2

You can follow these instructions to get diamonds in your Free Fire MAX account and collect free themed rewards from the new Scorpio Top-Up 2 event:

Step 1: Open your Free Fire MAX ID and head to the top-up area of ​​the game. A list of options will be displayed on your screen.

You can complete the process using in-game currency (Image via Garena)
You can complete the process using in-game currency (Image via Garena)

The price of the in-game premium currency is as follows:

  • 100 diamonds for 80 rupees
  • 310 diamonds for INR 240
  • 520 diamonds for 400 Indian rupees
  • 1060 diamonds for INR 800
  • 2,180 diamonds for INR 1,600
  • 5,600 diamonds for INR 4,000

Step 2: Click the button below the diamond package you want and complete the payment to receive the in-game currency. Once diamonds are added to your account, you will be eligible for freebies.

You can go ahead and claim rewards (Image via Garena)
You can go ahead and claim rewards (Image via Garena)

Step 3: Open the Events section and click on the Project Crimson tab.

The fourth step: Select the Scorpio Top-Up 2 event from the menu on the left and click the Claim button next to Eligible Rewards.

You only need to buy 520 diamonds worth INR 400 to get all three bonuses for free. Players looking to get premium in-game currency will get more for their money if they take advantage of the top-up event.

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