Some dishes like PizzaIt’s best enjoyed when it’s made with simple ingredients. Now, a chef who made the perfect Italian bread with ingredients worth $2,000 (roughly Rs. 1.6 lakh) is facing the wrath of netizens.

In a video, Brooke Baevsky, a Los Angeles-based private chef, shows how to shop for ingredients like organic figs, “a whole bunch of adaptogenic mushrooms,” organic almonds, “gluten-free flour blends,” a range of oils, and two $30 bottles of water. dollars each (about 2,400 rupees). You buy these ingredients from Erewhon, an upscale Los Angeles supermarket chain.

In addition to getting these ingredients, she also whips up organic manuka honey imported from New Zealand and a bowl of Caviar Mermaid caviar. Further in the video, she prepares pizza dough with a combination of collagen powerhouses and other healthy supplements like fulvic acid drops. I substituted the cream cheese for almond ricotta and covered the “pizza” in golden foil.

Many people have roasted the chef for unnecessarily complicating a simple dish Expensive components. One Instagram user commented, “This doesn’t even look like nice pizza, it’s hard to waste money on. Put all that makeup in a smoothie if you want it really bad and have a nice Italian pizza. Or go to Italy…” .

Another wrote, “I really wonder, as a chef, what’s the point of using this water specifically? $60 water for pizza dough beats anything I can imagine. Even if I know tap water in Los Angeles is gross, but how does this extremely expensive water affect On the dough?”.


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