ISLAMABAD: In a huge relief to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and his son Hamza, the father-son duo have been declared ‘innocent’ by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in a money laundering case after they launched a fresh investigation. said the report on Wednesday.
The case was filed by the Anti-Corruption Agency in 2020, which alleged that Shahbaz and his family members were involved in money laundering and illegal money transfer via fake accounts.
The Sama satellite channel stated on its website that the supplementary report was submitted to the accountability court and was presented during the hearing held by the judge of the accountability court, Qamar Al-Zaman.
during the Wednesday session, Hamza Shahbaz He petitioned to be excused from attendance on medical grounds, and the court granted it.
The supplementary report, submitted on Monday, stated that the 71-year-old prime minister, his wife Nusrat Shahbaz, the son of Hamza Shahbaz, and other defendants, it was proven that they were not involved in the matter after a re-investigation.
According to the NAB official, allegations of corruption could not be proven under NAB Amendment Act.
However, the court postponed further proceedings until 24 May and extended temporary bail for Harun Yousaf Aziz, the prime minister’s son-in-law, and co-defendants Syed Mohammad Tahir Naqvi until 24 May.
The development comes as the country prepares for another day of violence that erupted in many cities following the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday on charges of corruption by paramilitary vigilantes on the orders of the NAB.
In December 2020 when Khan was in power, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) filed a case against Shahbaz and his son Hamza in court for the duo’s alleged involvement in laundering 16 billion rupees in the sugar fraud case.
The investigation team revealed “28 Benami (untitled) novels from Shahbaz family 16.3 billion rupees worth of money was laundered from 2008 to 2018,” according to the report, which examined the money trajectory of 17,000 credit transactions.
Shahbaz and Hamza are booked into the case along with the prime minister’s other son, Suleiman Shahbaz, who was on the run in the UK, and 14 other people who are also named in the FIR.
The report revealed that the amount was kept in “hidden accounts” given to Shahbaz in his personal capacity.
The wealthy Sharif family has consistently denied any involvement in money laundering or other illegal financial activities. They asserted that the case against them was politically motivated and an attempt to discredit them and their influence in the country.
The FIA ​​also provided Suleiman Shahbaz with a clean statement, stating that the agency found “no evidence of his involvement in the money laundering case,” according to the report.


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