Actor couple Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakkar are about to become parents soon. Before they welcomed their little boy, Shoaib opened up about his struggles and also revealed how his wife stood by him during his low stage.

Shoaib Sasural left Simar Ka in 2013 after being a part of it for two years. The actor admitted that he wants to work on himself and do challenging parts instead of just standing in for a scene on his daily show. And now, the actor revealed that after leaving the show, he hadn’t had a job for three years. Asked how he managed to survive, he told ETimes that he had some savings and managed his expenses for a while.

“After Deepika has supported me so much and I am never ashamed to admit it. I accept her with pride. That is why I never thought twice about doing anything for her because she supported me at a time when I had nothing. My parents also had a little savings Which we used, and our whole family is so grateful to Dipika for showering so much love and supporting us in every possible way,” he said.

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Actor Ajooni also revealed that he was afraid of leaving the popular show but knew he had to take risks to achieve bigger goals. He also shared that while his family moved back to his hometown of Bhopal, he had certain responsibilities as the eldest son. “While I was working on the show, I had a little savings. Deepika was a close friend at the time and she was very supportive of me. We had a strong bond even though I left the show. Slowly, I worked and prepared myself. I used those three years,” Shoaib told the newspaper. To take care of myself.”

After his break Shoaib Ibrahim came back with Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai in 2017 and so did Nach Baliye the same year with Deepika Kakar. Since then, he has done shows like Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey, Ishq Mein Marjawaan and the movie Battalion 609 (2019). The actor is currently starring in the Star Bharat drama series Ajooni. Shoaib and his wife Dipika Kakkar are also vloggers who open their life portal to fans through their YouTube channel.


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