Uttarakhand DJB Ashok Kumar in Vadodara on Thursday said that the “anonymous” nature of cybercrime, coupled with huge daily winnings, has made it among the targeted criminal activities for many in the country.

Kumar, who was in Vadodara to chair a panel discussion on the topic “Beyond the Call of Duty, Stories of Those in Uniform” at the Vadodara Literary Festival organized by Parul University, also visited the City Police Bhavan to meet officials of the Vadodara City Police.

He also gave copies of his book “Electronic Encounters” to officials, including Joint Commissioner of Police Manoj Ninama. He said that while cybercrime was once seen as a “Nigerian crime”, it is now rampant in India.

Firstly, cyber crime has gained notoriety as the Nigerian scam but now it is spreading all over India. In fact, there is a belt of villages on the border of Rajasthan and Haryana states, which is a haven for cybercrime… My book is a compilation of such interesting cybercrimes, including a senior who lost 97 rupees in online extortion while a woman wanted to gift A puppy for her daughter on her birthday, she was scammed of Rs 66 online.”


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