Megastar Amitabh Bachchan on Sunday biked a stranger’s car to avoid traffic jams and get to his location faster. The screen icon took to Instagram and shared a photo of the ride, thanking the stranger for the kindness of letting him ride the billion in action.

The 80-year-old actor said he did not know the man who drove him to work, but thanks to him, the actor has access to the location and time. In a cheeky caption, Bachchan wrote, “Thank you buddy for the ride.. I don’t know you.. But you packed me in and got me on time to the job site.. Faster and avoiding unsolvable traffic jams.. Thanks I’m crowned, shorts and T-shirt yellow “.

The bike ride was a trip down memory lane for the actor, reminding him of his college days and the fun times of group outings. Bachchan took to his blog and shared pictures of himself. On his blog, the screen icon wrote about his weekly meet and greets with his fans and his work, where certain areas were cordoned off so the crew could easily film.

“Permissions on Sundays are given to specific areas that can be blocked because of the work we do… That’s work and wishing well after work… Ride the bike and drive enthusiasm never escapes… Come the early years get stuck in thoughts and reason… Those college days and outings The group and the odd occasion when he was allowed to use the family car.. fun times.. fun and fair, the actor wrote on his blog.

However, Bachchan pointed out that is not the case now. It’s time to remember the “caution and care” and above all the “organizational life” which he said is “part of life”. The actor noted that he often has the urge to take the car and drive himself to work.

“Often, there is a desire to take over the car and drive it to work..because the way and manner in which the carrier is driving is a concern..is the breach of regulations..is the unknown factor of how they get these driver’s licenses, when their basic skills are being challenged..no Helmet, there is no system or discipline to adhere to and respect traffic signs .. Not respecting them blatantly and insulting the law or the rules .. Frustration turns into anger and more often than not it is the desire to get out of the car and tell them .. But clear restrictions prevent that,” he wrote.

On the work front, Bachchan will appear in Project K. The sci-fi heroine will also feature Prabhas and Deepika Padukone, making her Telugu debut. The film is expected to be shown next January.


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