A 36-year-old Dalit migrant worker from East Champaran district of Bihar state has been executed on suspicion of robbery in Malappuram, Kerala state.

Rajesh Manji was brutally beaten by at least 8 people on Saturday at around 12 am. For about two hours, he was tortured and beaten mercilessly with pipes and sticks, and then thrown outside a store at about 2:30 am. An hour later, the incident was reported to the police. The seriously injured Manji, who was found with his hands bound, was taken by the authorities to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The body was shifted to Government Medical College Hospital, Kozhikode, where an autopsy was carried out.

Rajesh Manji. pic file

Nine people, including one, were arrested for tampering with evidence and deleting surveillance camera footage.

The group of people in Kizhiseri, near Kondoti, Malappuram district, blamed the worker for the theft. He later finds out that Rajesh Manji had gone to Malappuram to work in a chicken farm in Kizisiri a few days ago.

Condotti Inspector Vatil Rahman told CNN-News18 that nine people have been arrested and charges applied under Sections 302 (murder), 342 (unlawful confinement), 143, 147, 149 and 201 (causing evidence of crime to disappear) ) of the Indian Penal Code. .

The defendants are Muhammed Afsal, Fasil, Sharaf al-Din, Mahboub, Abd al-Samad, Nasr, Habib, Ayoub and Zain al-Abed, all from Kyzyseri.

According to the police, it is a murder case, and the autopsy report revealed that the men were beaten mercilessly with blunt objects such as wooden sticks and plastic pipes. Manji died from multiple internal injuries along with broken ribs in the attack.

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) was formed under Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP), Kondotty, Vijaya Bharath Reddy, to investigate the case. The police said that they are studying all aspects and that they are examining various CCTV footage from the area.

Inform the family of the deceased migrant worker of his death.

Briefing on the horrific incident, Sujith Das, superintendent of police in Malappuram, said: “The accused handcuffed the victim and assaulted her with sticks and plastic pipes. We have collected evidence, including photos, from the defendants’ phones. They have tried to destroy the evidence, including CCTV footage. “,

“The detainees claimed that the migrant worker fell from the first floor of a house after a failed robbery attempt,” said Asp Reddy. “They detained and attacked the boy for over an hour after he fell from the building (the house).”

It is a terrible accident. No government wants its people to suffer in this way. I appeal to the Kerala government to take the most stringent measures so that justice is done for the affected family. He feels “Some men with pride kill innocent and defenseless people and then hide the facts. Why would anyone engage in robbery if they have gone to another state to earn a living? The state government cannot compensate the departed soul’s family, but we will give them financial assistance as per the Immigrant Labor Law.”

Similar incidents in Kerala

In February 2018, a poor tribal youth named Madhu was lynched by a mob in Attappadi, Kerala state on suspicion of stealing foodstuffs. Pictures that emerged later showed a man brazenly taking a selfie before killing Madhu.

In July 2018, a migrant worker from West Bengal died after being attacked by two men who accused him of stealing a chicken. 50-year-old Manik Roy died from a head injury sustained during the attack that was allegedly left untreated.

In 2016, Kailas Jyothy Behra, a laborer, was beaten to death in Chiravamuttam village in Kottayam district of Kerala. Behra, who was mistaken for a thief, was lynched by the mob, and about 50 people stood watching the immigrant with his hands tied slowly die in the blazing sun.

In 2015, worker Jagabandhu Karkaria from Rayagada district of Odisha was murdered by a bakery owner in Thrissur in Kerala.

vulnerabilities of migrant workers

According to the Indian Journal of Research, there is evidence that the immigrant community is very vulnerable to exploitation due to their lack of awareness and willingness to compromise for the sake of a relatively better life.

According to some reports, the migrants face a tough life in Kerala. Perumbavoor is one of the largest immigrant settlements in the state, with immigrants working 12-14 hours a day. They cook, eat and sleep in the open spaces. Lack of awareness of labor rules and regulations among migrant workers leads to their exploitation by middlemen and contractors. There are also cases of low wages, long working hours, and substandard accommodation. Illegal wage cuts by exploitative employers and subcontractors also make life difficult for immigrants in the country.

Critics say migrant workers are often employed in “three-dimensional” jobs – dangerous, dirty and degrading – and there are illnesses and injuries that come as extras.


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