ISLAMABAD: Tensions prevailed in Lahore on Friday as police searched the home of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, looking for suspects involved in attacks on military and government facilities following his arrest.
A team of senior police officers, led by the Commissioner of Lahore, visited the residence of Pakistan’s Chief Zaman Park Tehreek-e-Insaf after authorities received search warrants from the Anti-Terrorism Court.

After the team left, Imran’s security officer Iftikhar Goman He told reporters that the Punjab police had returned “empty-handed”. “The only thing they get here is tea and biscuits,” Goumann said.
“We opened the doors of the house for them in front of you (the paramedics). Now, you ask them what they got.”
But the Interim Information Minister of Punjab Province, Amir MirHe dismissed reports that the former prime minister’s home had been raided and said the government team had been sent there to finalize the “home search standard operating procedures”.

The 70-year-old PTI leader slammed the “unprecedented crackdown” on his party and supporters in a tweet on Friday. “The mentality behind this unprecedented campaign and current reign of terror against PTI and its supporters (which Zia and Musharraf have not witnessed) is that we Pakistanis are like a flock of sheep that can be terrorized enough,” Imran said, bowing meekly before this naked show of force.
“Well, we will not because we are human beings and a nation of the greatest leader of all time, who made us pledge to God that we will not kneel to anyone but for him (Almighty) “.

The authorities cracked down on Salvation Movement workers and leaders after they set fire to public property and defense installations during Imran’s arrest on May 9.
The movement claims that more than 7,000 party leaders and workers, including women, have been arrested and tortured in custody.
In a conversation with reporters, Omran said that he had “not had a dialogue” with the (military) establishment since violent protests broke out in the country. “It is clear that the current army chief has some problems with me,” said the movement commander.

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan: 'Even under the Musharraf regime, I have not seen such tyranny'


Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan: ‘Even under Musharraf’s regime, I have never seen such despotism’


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