A media report said Friday that the first Chinese-made passenger plane, the C919, is scheduled to make its first commercial flight on Sunday.
State television CGTN reported that state-owned China Eastern Airlines, the first customer, will launch the aircraft’s first commercial flight on May 28 from Shanghai to Beijing.
The C919 was developed by Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (CCAC).comac), and obtained type certification by the Civil Aviation Administration of China last September.
CEA conducted a 100-hour verification flight of the first C919 on December 26, 2022 to verify and confirm the aircraft’s operational safety.
To date, more than 1,200 C919s have been ordered, according to COMAC.
According to estimates, China had 6,795 civilian aircraft in 2020, most of which are Boeing and Airbus aircraft.
Officials say the entry of Chinese aircraft could reduce dependence on Boeing and Airbus and could provide competition for them in the international civil aviation market.


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