The regional authorities said that shelling targeted Russian regions on the border with Ukraine, killing two people on Saturday.
There are new attacks, the Belgorod regional governor said, after a day of dozens of strikes.
“A person was killed. He was a security guard.. He was outside at the time of the bombing.” V Schepkino region, Vyacheslav Gladkov He said.
He said others were wounded, including two young men, ages 15 and 17.
Belogorod saw an unprecedented two-day incursion from Ukraine this week, and Moscow used aircraft and artillery to repel the attackers.
In Kursk, another region on the border with Ukraine, a mortar strike killed a governor’s construction worker Roman Starovoit he said on social media.
The Russian authorities have also reported a series of incidents involving drones on Russian soil.
The administrative building of an oil pipeline in the Pskov region was hit “as a result of two drone strikes,” according to the governor. Mikhail Vedernikov He said.
The explosion occurred in the village of Litvinovo, about ten kilometers (6.2 miles) from the Belarusian border.
There were no reports of casualties and an investigation was opened.
Unconfirmed reports from Baza, a Russian Telegram outlet with sources in the secret services, said that the drones were targeting the Transneft oil pumping station in Pskov.
Baza also reported on an attack targeting an oil refinery near Erukhino in the western Tver region.
The press service of the Tver region said that a drone had crashed near Erukhino without hurting anyone, but did not give any details.
Over the past few weeks, reports of drone attacks in Russia have multiplied, usually in regions bordering Ukraine.
Moscow blamed it Kyiv – and its Western supporters – to the escalation of the number of attacks and sabotage operations, including on the Kremlin.
Ukraine denied any role.


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