ISLAMABAD: Trouble escalated for former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan when the country’s health minister claimed on Friday that alcohol and cocaine were discovered in his urine samples when he underwent medical examinations after his May 9 arrest in a corruption case.
However, Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf published on Twitter that it has decided to take legal action against the health minister and his aides for their allegations regarding the medical condition of the party chief.
Addressing the journalist, the Minister of Health Abdel Qader Patel He said a five-member medical board was formed shortly after Imran’s arrest and was brought before him at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad.

The health minister said the inclusion of well-known psychologists on the board was to address suspicions raised by the DEA about Khan’s communication style and body language, which indicated possible psychological stress.

The medical board, according to Patel, found Khan Being a “habitual user of illegal substances” as evidence of alcohol and cocaine in his urine samples. He claimed that the board had concluded that the PTI chairman was under severe psychological stress.

“The gentleman (Imran) was examined and appeared under stress with symptoms of anxiety. There was intense anger/anxiety about the events of the last few weeks. He had little insight into the seriousness and realism of the current situation. The medical report stated that his mental stability was questionable.He watches Pakistan’s health minister drops bombshell: Imran Khan’s urine tests positive for cocaine and wine


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