Tom Brady’s purchase of a minority stake in the Las Vegas Raiders probably made everyone convinced that his football career was truly over at this point in time. Retirement looks as if it will continue, unlike last time. In fact, many would assume that it would be impossible for a star quarterback to ever play again. However, this is not entirely true.

There has never been an owner player before, but that’s not entirely out of the question. Vincent Bonsignor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal described how this very unique scenario would work.

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Jimmy Garoppolo underwent surgery on his foot, leading those around the Raiders to wonder what the backup plan might be. Brian Hoyer is the backup on the depth chart, but he’s hardly Plan B. Could Brady, who was once linked to the team as a free agent, be their savior?

It is not impossible, but it will be very difficult. for beginners, Bonsignor pointed out In that the property may not be approved unless fully retired:

“Interestingly, a league source raised the possibility that Brady’s endorsement by his fellow owners could come with the condition that he retire fully. If that were the case, that eliminated the possibility of him trying to simultaneously own a piece of the franchise while also playing for it.”

That alone makes this whole thing questionable.

Inside how Tom Brady could theoretically return to the NFL

The Raiders insider also said that if the sale goes through without any of those conditions, Tom Brady could play again. He would have to have the unanimous support of all NFL owners, including Jerry Jones.

Tom Brady will need owner approval to return
Tom Brady will need owner approval to return

It is unlikely that this will happen. It’s unlikely that the 32ers can agree on something, especially if it means the NFL’s all-time best player comes back to haunt their teams once again.

If he fails to get all 32 votes, Brady will have to sell back his share of the team and then he will be free to do as he pleases.

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Given his age, the level he was playing at before retirement, and the deal with Las Vegas and his contract with FOX, this is very unlikely.

Brady’s return is possible, but not likely at all.

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