BerlinHundreds of civil servants and local employees working for German enterprises in Russia will need to leave the country or lose their jobs in the coming days following an order issued by MoscowAnd GermanyThe State Department said on Saturday.
Starting from June, Russia will reduce the number of people Germany can employ in its embassies or institutions in Russia in the education and culture sectors, the ministry said.
Several hundred people were affected, including officials from the embassy and the consulate, but most of them were embassy employees Goethe Institute She added that in the country there are German schools, nurseries, and teachers working in Russian schools.
The ministry said that local German and Russian employees were affected, without giving exact figures for each category of employees. German employees will have to leave the country by June 1.
The ministry said that Russian employees should not be required to leave the country, but would lose their jobs because German institutions would no longer be able to employ them — giving clear initial indications that locals would have to leave as well. The news was first revealed on Saturday in a German newspaper Southgerman newspaperwhich spoke of a “diplomatic declaration of war by Moscow” against Berlin. “This is a unilateral, unjustified and incomprehensible decision,” the German Foreign Ministry said.
Having been a close economic partner of Russia before Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany has since turned away from Moscow, supporting it financially and militarily. Kyiv. Since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, Russian espionage in Germany has grown at a rate rarely equaled in recent years, according to German security services. afp


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