Bollywood Actor Aish Sharma, Married Salman Khan’Arpita Khan’s sister, He shared how he was hit hard when reports surfaced online claiming he married Arpita for money and fame. From facing criticism over his work to enduring trolling even during holidays, Ayush revealed that he has now developed a thick skin and is immune to this negativity.

In an interview with Times of India, Ayush said Arpita is a very strong and confident woman and the constant trolling did not affect her as she was part of the industry. He said that since he was new to trolling, it hurt him when trolls came up with the theory that he married Arpita for the money and to become an actor. He said, “I loved Arpita and so I married her! The good thing is, she knew it, and she knew it, and our families know it.”

The actor added, “I used to get poached even when I go on vacations, people say, ‘It blows Salman Khan’s money.’ There were stories that Salman Khan gifted us a Rolls-Royce for our wedding and I still wonder where those Rolls are- Royce.”

Ayush said he was being trolled for personal reasons and recalled how ‘Don’t Want Ayush’ started popping up on Twitter when the film Antim with Salman was announced. The actor remembered Salman’s advice and said the actor advised him to do well and focus on what really matters. Ayush added that he is now immune to phishing and said he is working hard to prove himself.

Arpita is the daughter of Salim Khan and the younger sister of actors Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan. Aayush and Arpita tied the knot in 2014 and they have two children together. Ayush belongs to a political family in Himachal Pradesh and his grandfather was a former government minister.


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