Are you looking for the best Tezos DEX? A decentralized exchange AKA DEX is a platform or a comprehensive marketplace that connects cryptocurrency traders without the inclusion of any such parties. Unlike centralized, regulated exchanges, you control your data and private keys while a transaction is taking place on a DEX, which means your information is encrypted and highly secured. Since any organization does not regulate dex, it is working on a mechanism that generates smart contracts, including a specific set of information, and uploads transaction details to the blockchain.

Best tezos dex

Tezos is a fully equipped platform that constantly exposes various dex protocols. DEX has revolutionized modern financial systems and offers users massive facilities such as instant liquidity, transfer of assets through the blockchain, and creation of strategies to augment the network.

We have researched, analyzed and indexed various Tezos based DEX platforms based on their features, tools and fees and finally came up with a list of Top 5 Tezos based DEXs.

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Top 5 Tezos DEX Apps


quipuswap It is a DEX generated by There are no solutions in 2020 and recently touched the TVL label worth over $20 million. Quipiswap played a significant role in revolutionizing the Tezos platform as it was the first decentralized exchange compatible with both FA2 and FA1.2 digital tokens. Since then, it is undeniable that Quipiswap has been dominating the Tezos platform as a responsive DEX.

Quipuswap’s transaction fee for each trade executed is 0.3%, including adding and withdrawing fees for tokens.


Aliens DEX was created by Digen Tech, the virtuous creators of Magic Button. It is one of the most advanced and newest DEXs based on the Tezos blockchain, and its popularity is skyrocketing. Since Aliens DEX is an open source build, you can also use its AMM source code on different platforms. You can also earn a 0.05% referral bonus on each platform that uses the code. There are more than 40 pools and 27 digital tokens available on the platform. You can add new pairs and virtual symbols without tedious restrictions and compliance.


spicy It was created by someone who took his creative impulses from the Ethereum-based Uniswap V2 framework. SalsaDAO organizes SpicySwap, and they’re showing signs of opening the code into the public domain soon. Spicyswap is compatible with a token exchange mechanism between arbitrary FA2 tokens. It currently contains 27 symbols and enables you to add new symbols and pairs without any cumbersome complications.

Spicyswap’s premium liquidity profit scheme provides a bonus of 0.2% as transaction fee for each trade executed. Farmers create a lump sum of 0.3% fee structure, and the SDAO regulates prices.


Vortex is built on unprecedented smart link technology, making it a highly advanced decentralized exchange built on the Tezos blockchain. Vortex trading pairs displays charts and analysis of price volatility and price history. Moreover, the data starts fresh from all data because it excludes the date and records in the graph.

Vortex’s standard transaction fee is 0.28% which is significantly low as the revenue model is built by looking at long-term growth. Additionally, it enables you to store digital tokens in premium farms and claim the price at your convenience.


Known as Dexter exchange, this decentralized exchange is highly secure and unguarded and was created specifically for users who own Tezos digital tokens FA1.2 and XTZ, the former refers to (TZIP-7) Standard Implementation of Fungible Tokens of the Tezos blockchain network.

If you want to be a liquidity provider, you must own a certain amount of XTZ and FA1.2 tokens in return for depositing an amount of tokens into a smart contract. Once you have successfully acquired liquidity in a smart contract, you can swap one asset for another on the Tezos platform via Dexter. Moreover, if you are a trader, you are eligible to receive a transaction liquidity fee of 0.3% for every trade you execute.

Final words!

These were the top 5 Dexs based on Tezos Blockchain, and you can search for any one of them after considering all of them. Please keep in touch with us for more cryptocurrency related updates.

Happy trading.


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