Beijing: Three Chinese astronauts Work on the country’s space station has returned safely to Earth, state media reported Sunday, hailing the mission as a “complete success”.
capsule back from Shenzhou spaceship 15 Landed at a landing site in northern China Inner Mongolia regionAccording to the New China News Agency (Xinhua).
astronaut Faye John Long, Deng Qingming Xinhua reported that Zhang Lu came out of the capsule in “good physical condition.”
“The mission … was a complete success,” she said.
Video footage showed medical officials in white suits and face masks wrapping the astronauts in blue blankets and carrying them away from the barren landing site, where the copper capsule was flanked by red flags.
The three spent six months at the Tiangong space station, conducting spacewalks and a variety of scientific experiments.
Last week, China sent three more astronauts — including its first civilian in orbit — to the space station as part of the Shenzhou-16 successor mission.
The world’s second largest economy has poured billions of dollars into the military’s space program in a bid to catch up with the United States and Russia.
Beijing aims to send a manned expedition to moon By 2030 it plans to build a base on the moon.


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