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🚧 Odisha train tragedy

At least six officers Indian Express spoke With a mention that the Coromandel Express took the loop line instead of the main line and collided with a goods train most likely due to “site box tampering” near Bahanaga Bazar railway station.

The Location Box, usually placed along the tracks, holds virtually every important piece that makes Interlocking run smoothly. What is interlocking? I read here.

Given the potential for sabotage in the event of a Balasore train accident, similar attempts are made to investigate train accidents from the ‘external factor’ angle. It didn’t come off in the recent past. Case point: Kanpur accident in 2016 and Conero accident in 2017.

🥇 Wrestlers protest

After alleging sexual harassment against Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) President Brij Bhushan Charan Singh, the only minor has withdrawn her allegations, I learned Indian Express. The sources said the 17-year-old registered a new statement before a judge under Article 164 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The statement is considered evidence before the court.

In the Haryana academies, budding wrestlers fight, hoping that one day they will be able to make the journey from their villages. Now, as the case against Singh plays out in the capital, Watch carefully.

Suhas Palshikar writes: Beyond the NCR and parts of Haryana, except for some symbolic marches, the public conscience is not moved. Other than official visits to the place of protests, most political parties do not find this issue worth engaging on a sustainable basis. All this indicates the fragility of our nation.

🥽 Apple’s new reality

Nandagopal Rajan writes: AR and VR devices aren’t really new; The first such device I reviewed was over a decade ago and came from HP. Mark Zuckerberg is so convinced that he called his company Meta to start its own avatar in the Metaverse. Apple does not take such risks.

Vision Pro is not part of a new isolated world where you are left to socialize with your avatars. In fact, unlike any of its predecessors, this device takes the concept of mixed reality very seriously. She keeps a window open to the real world at all times.

✍🏻 Expressing opinion

In our opinion section today, Sudhendra Kulkarni makes a case For dialogue between China and RSS. Beneath all the glamor of Western-style modernity, China today is eagerly striving to rediscover its proud philosophical and spiritual traditions. Isn’t modern India also involved in similar research? Therefore, reducing the knowledge deficit and trust deficit between our two countries is the need of the hour…”

🎧 set

On today’s episode of podcast “3 Things”We discuss the details of the whistleblower reports against WFI President Brigg Buchan. We talk about the case of the Sakhi Centres, which were built under the Nirbhaya Trust, in the state of Maharashtra. Finally, we bring you a quick case update against a women’s rights activist in Kerala who has been charged under POCSO for posting a video where she was seen posing semi-nude, allowing her minor children to paint on her body.

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