At least 42 people have died and 11 are missing in Haiti after heavy rains over the weekend triggered floods and landslides, civil protection officials said Monday.
The bad weather has hit seven of the country’s 10 provinces, which are already in a protracted humanitarian crisis fueled by gang violence, political breakdown and economic stagnation.
According to the United Nations, the heavy rains affected 37,000 people and displaced 13,400 people.
The town of Leogane, 40 km southwest of the capital, Port-au-Prince, was severely damaged by the inundation of three rivers.
According to Haitian officials, at least 20 people have died there.
“The residents are desperate. They have lost everything. The waters destroyed their fields and washed away their livestock,” Leoghan mayor Arnson Henry told AFP.
He pointed out that thousands of families in the town have been affected, stressing that the residents are in dire need of food, drinking water and medicine.
the Floods It caused massive material damage across the country, destroying hundreds of homes and causing damage in many ways.
“Although it is not a hurricane or a tropical storm, the damage observed in the affected areas is significant,” said Jean-Martin Bauer, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Haiti.
Prime Minister Ariel Henry activated National Center for Emergency Operations as a reply.
The heavy losses highlight the country’s vulnerability to natural disasters and its failure to mitigate storm risks just as the hurricane season is about to begin.
Even before the floods, nearly half of Haiti’s population was in need of humanitarian aid, a number that has doubled in just five years, according to the United Nations.


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