Watch this video to see how Anil Pradhan’s School of Innovation in his village of Odisha is helping hundreds of children learn how to solve “real-life problems” through science and technology, beyond rote learning.

The Indian education system is often criticized for textbook-oriented learning. But a 26-year-old from Odisha is trying to break out of that box with his school for the children of Paral Village in Odisha, which focuses on “solving real-life problems.”

He is Anil Pradhan, a civil engineering graduate and the son of a tailor-turned-Guan.

He discovered his inclination towards technology and innovation during his childhood. When he went to college, he built a satellite and designed a robot. After graduating, he decided to start a school on his family’s land.

The International School for Rural Innovation started with very few students because of the way it operates. Anil says parents were not interested in sending their children to a school that promoted crafting and experimentation rather than textbook learning.

But now, it has more than 250 students, who don’t have exams, but learn new things every day. The school is now under the Odisha State Council and has 16 teachers or volunteers, who are either college graduates or in their final year.

She was born in 42 Mozah and left the area to get a good education. But I don’t want people to migrate towards the cities to get a decent education. They should have this facility at home, especially the underprivileged students. I also found that traditional school curricula put a burden on students. Such a system does not produce creative and innovative students who can find solutions for society. To address these concerns, I started this school.

Watch how Rancho “Realism” creates a school different from the norm:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEi-uaflzKk (/embed)

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