the Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Eagles stars AJ Brown and Galen Hurts were on the court during their game on Tuesday. The duo took batting practice with the team before Philadelphia’s game with the Detroit Tigers.

The two are no strangers to baseball. Hurts played the game growing up but moved away to focus on soccer. The San Diego Padres drafted the Browns in the 19th round in 2016.

Pains hit each other on the caution lane, while Brown hit some over the wall. Brown’s swing feels as soft as butter. If you weren’t aware that he was an NFL player, you’d think he was a member of the Phillies.

Baseball is not an easy sport, especially on the hitting side. It’s very impressive to see two guys who can easily pick up a bat and go to work. It’s not like they are in the cages beating everyday.

“AJ’s swing is elite,” one fan tweeted.

“Let AJ play first base or something, Jalen can pitch,” another fan wrote on Twitter.

It’s fun to see other athletes hit the ground running like the Philadelphia Phillies did here. It’s not often you see a baseball player get invited to a pregame game with the basketball team.

Fans think Philadelphia should sign these two now with what the offense looked like to start the season. They think the football duo will be the spark to turn things around.

The Philadelphia Phillies need to change things up

Detroit Tigers vs. Philadelphia Phillies
Detroit Tigers vs. Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are a much better team than they have shown everyone so far. They are not the sub .500 team that they are now. They are saddled with injuries and the players are in the doldrums.

One of their biggest struggles is in the starting cycle. While Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler can be elites, they are inconsistent. Ranger Suarez often looked lost on the mound alongside Taiguan Walker.

On the offensive side, Trea Turner and Kyle Schwarber struggled to get going. Recently, both guys have found their stride, with Turner having a multiplayer day on Monday. Schwarber had one day of his own clan the day before on Sunday.

Maybe this is the thing that lights a fire under the two zombies. Philadelphia needs them to be sharp on the lead if they can climb the division and make the postseason.

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