Bangor Nagar Police has booked a woman for allegedly siphoning 94.54 lakh rupees from her employer’s company accounts over the course of 11 years.

The police said that the accused woman transferred money to her own account and the account of her family members in the name of sending salaries to employees of companies owned by the complainant.

According to the police, the complainant, Tukaram Mahadev Suryavanshi, retired from the Indian Army in 1997 as a private of the Indian Army.
In 2007, he opened a private security company, “Infantry Securities and Establishments”, which aims to provide security services to private companies and government offices. Four years later, Suryavanshi hired the accused woman, identified as Vaishali Vichare, for work related to the accounts. In 2012, Suryavanshi’s son Prateek also opened a security company ‘Batallion Infra Managers’ in Pune.

Police said all work related to financing for the two companies was done by Vichari from Mumbai. Vichare has been given responsibility for maintaining corporate accounts, paying salaries to guards and other employees and other finance-related work since 2011.

“Every month, the salaries of the security guards and other employees of the two companies will be between Rs 90 lakh to Rs 1 crore. Vichare used to cleverly withdraw Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh and transfer it to her own account and that of her husband and brother,” the complainant said in the FIR.

Suryavanshi also alleged that she used the names of former guards to steal the money. But the transaction details provided by the bank revealed its fraud, the complainant claimed.

The complainant learned about the financial irregularities in his companies in April last year. When confronted, said a police officer, Vichare admitted his indulgence in malpractice and promised to return all the money.
Police said they have returned Rs 29 lakh so far, but the two checks – each carrying an amount of Rs 25,000 – which they gave to the complainant were rejected by the bank due to insufficient funds in the account, the officer said. This is when Suryawanshi realizes that Vichare has no intention of returning the remaining amount of 65,54,099 rupees. Approach the police and file a complaint.

“We have registered a case under Sections 406 (criminal breach of trust), 408 (criminal breach of trust by an employee) and 420 (fraud) of the Iraqi Penal Code against women,” said Chief Inspector at Bangor Nagar Police Station, Pramod Tawad.


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