Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar is baffled by India’s decision to seat Test No. 1 holder Ravichandran Ashwin for the final of the ICC World Test Championship against Australia at The Oval in London.

As the bowling unit failed to deliver on the first day on Wednesday (7 June), Gavaskar begged the Indian think tank for leaving Ashwin, who had taken 114 wickets in 22 Tests against Australia. The former player believes Umesh Yadav should have made room for the off-spinner in the XI, telling Star Sports live:

“India missed a trick by not playing Ravi Ashwin. He’s the No. 1 rated bowler. You don’t look on the pitch for players like him.”

Sunil Gavaskar said, “India missed a trick by not playing Ravi Ashwin. He’s the No. 1 rated bowler, you don’t look at the pitch for players like him.” (a star).

He completed:

“You’re playing a World Test Championship final, and you don’t pick the leading bowler in Test cricket. This decision of Team India is beyond my understanding. I would have chosen him over Umesh Yadav, who was out of work and looking out of tune.”

The cricketer turned commentator added that the 36-year-old could have been a good weapon for Team India, especially against Australian left-handed batsmen.

“There are four left-handed players in this Australian side, and he has traditionally done well against them. It is appalling that there is nothing disorganized in this side.”

The statement came after left-handed Travis Head (146*) smashed a century against India on day one.

“India missed a trick by not including a match winner like R Ashwin” – Sourav Ganguly

The former head of the Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Sourav Ganguly, also questioned Team India’s decision to drop the ace-spinner in the World Tennis Championships final, telling Star Sports:

India missed a trick by not including a match-winner like R Ashwin. In hindsight, it looks like it could have been a better call, as Jadeja doesn’t get the support from the other end. the other side “.

Australia closed out the first day on 327-3, with Travis Head (146*) and Steve Smith (95*) at the crease.

For India, Mohamed Shami, Mohamed Siraj and Chard Al Thakur took one wicket each.

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