– Pawan Durani June 6, 2023

In another video, he is seen telling his clients that if he sees anyone drinking or smoking, he will attack them.

In other videos, he is seen scolding people if they eat Chinese food or samosas and making them do vigorous exercise as punishment.

The videos didn’t go down well with netizens who said that was what was wrong with the fitness industry.
“India has some of the worst sports culture and coaches in the entire universe. A sports coach version of the famous banker this week,” one Twitter user commented, “They think the worst behavior of a coach is that he used to be better.” Another said. “Just a glimpse of everything wrong with the industry Fitness”, expressed a third. “Is this safe” another user asked.

The gym trainer in the videos has been identified as Nitesh Soni who has 5.92 lakh followers on Instagram. He also has a YouTube channel called The Nitesh Fitness Empire.


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